putting mental health before my education is a good idea until it affects my education which affects my mental health which affects my educa



“I wish it was 2002 so I don’t feel bad about being angsty.” -me, 2k15.


Tis I, your average 14 year old loser who loves comic books, music and wishing for death.

No one takes me seriously as a musician because I like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. I can’t afford to buy Anthrax, Joy Division and Iron Maiden Shirts.

I can play multiple instruments, my main being bass and ukulele. I love music. (There are people who say they love music and then there’s me. I really am just a person who cannot remember WW1 but can remember the entirety of TTTYG.) I also write a lot. I write poems, short stories, plot for comics, movie scripts, songs, just about anything.(I hate informative¬†essays.)