i’m going to explode.

this is not okay.

i am writing in capstone atm and i am sooooo upset.

my friend and i are making a “fansession” for our favourite web comic called “homestuck” and my classpect is the witch of  doom while my crush’s classpect is rogue of time and because of this we would have to work together. i am somewhat excited about this?

anyways, that’s not all!

i am what my friends would call “canon aradia” while my friends would call my crush “canon sollux” and i am vv upset. because they date in the comic and were committed in a matespritship and are the true otp and i love them soooooo much, aaa.they ship me and him together although in my friend’s opinion, he’s a huge jerk.but idk. all of this is confusing me even more so. im going to lay down and cry.

till next time. – ray.


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